Your bio says that you’ve reassembled the shattered skulls of murder victims. That’s a joke, right?
No, it’s not a joke. During the late ’80s and early ’90s I assisted a forensic pathologist... and there were all sorts of other interesting experiences associated with that period. (Ever ransack the pockets of a dead mobster, while blood congeals on his Italian loafers? I have.)
Seriously? Then why aren’t you writing murder mysteries?
Someday, perhaps. Of course, if I ever come up with a perfect scenario, I’ll have to keep it to myself. One never knows when a good foolproof murder might come in handy.
Do you know how your stories will end, when you start writing them?
For short stories, I seldom know what the next sentence will be, when I start writing. Novels are different; I am sketching outlines for a few, because it would be difficult to sustain a coherent seat-of-the-pants narrative through 90,000 words.
Do you go to conventions? Would you be a panelist at ours?
Sure, whenever I can! As with most writers though, my finances are moderate, and my desire to attend conventions frequently exceeds the available funds. If you have a convention in mind, feel free to send details... and if you are offering to help with hotel or travel expenses, I love you.
Do you have an agent?
No. Do I need one? (If you are an agent, and you think the answer is “yes,” feel free to buy me lunch.)
Are you related to anyone famous?
Probably, if you slice the chromosomes the right way.
Are you related to Spider Robinson?
Although that would be ineffably cool, to the best of my knowledge I am not. Well, not unless you go all chromosomal. (No joke: In 2011, two separate people asked that question! Weird.)
Have your stories won any awards?
Not as far as I know, but I’ll be happy to let you know if that changes.
What is The Friday Challenge?
Ooh! Now we’re talking. The Friday Challenge is an informal, online writers’ group, and I help keep the gears going in the right direction.
Is Stupefying Stories connected to The Friday Challenge?
In a roundabout way, yes: Bruce Bethke founded The Friday Challenge, and a few years later he decided it would be fun to assemble an anthology. My first published story came out of one of those challenges, and it appeared in the very first, print-only, incarnation of Stupefying Stories. When he decided to revive the concept, and make it a monthly eBook anthology series, he asked if I would help as an associate editor.
Are you in any of those Writers of the Future anthologies?
I never sent them any submissions, although friends kept telling me I should. So no, I’m not there... but if you are looking for earlier stories, try some of the links on my bibliography page.